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update (10/7 2:00 am) there are now three scripts up. check back tomorrow for more!
update (10/6 11:00 pm) there are now two scripts up. check back later for a few more!

a note on sample scripts: put all of the images in a folder called "testimages". i preferred to put my scripts in a folder called "testscripts", so i could run the program by typing in the command "PictureProcessor.exe testscripts/SCRIPTNAME.txt" in cmd.

images you may need to run our test scripts

a targa image with alpha transparency, font times size 9

a targa image with alpha transparency, font verdana size 9

a targa image of a chessboard. try to test your warping stuff on this one!

a targa image of a halo 3 screenshot.

a targa image of a fuzzy square in the alpha channel.

a targa image of three colors: full red, full green, and full blue. if you desaturate it, there should be three distinct shades of gray.


here is a sample script to test your 'copy', 'crop' and 'composite over'. you'll need verdana09.tga and chessboard.tga. this script should produce "kingyoh.tga", which is a 90x45 image of the king and queen, with the words "YOH" over the king.

here is a sample script to test your 'copy', 'fill', 'blank', 'crop', 'composite over', and 'rotate' (arbitrary degrees). you'll need halo3.tga and alphafuzzyframe.tga. you should end up with a 400x400 image called haloframed.tga, which should be the scene in halo3.tga seen through a small square diamond frame. the picture should fade away to white at the edges of the diamond.

here is a cute little test to see if your desaturate is working correctly. i gave everyone feedback and hinted on the correct way to compute luminance if you did it wrong, but this is one way to make sure. this script will use tricolor.tga, desaturate it, and write out triluminance.tga, which as the name implied SHOULD give you three different shades of gray.

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