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CS559 Midterm Exam

The CS 559 Midterm Exam will be held at 7:15pm on Monday, October 29th in room 1221 CS.

The exam will cover all topics covered in class (both in the lectures and the required readings) including week 8 (Oct 22-26, Curves).

What will definitely not be on the exam:

  • Anything about FlTk
  • The syntax of OpenGL commands
  • Art history (from Prof. Dyer's Lecture) or the details and advanced topics from Prof. Zhang's lecture (like Mosaicing, or the non-parametric warps)

Good places to remind yourselves what we've covered:

Kinds of things you might get asked

  • Basic graphics terminology (from the intro lectures)
  • Image formation and sensing
  • Practical sensors (including eyes and cameras)
  • Quantization and Gamma
  • Signal processing concepts (aliasing)
  • Sampling theory intuitions
  • Convolutions and Filters
  • Reconstruction and Pre-Filtering
  • Basics of Color (note: we didn't get to perceptual color spaces in class, so I will only ask you about the basic color stuff)
  • Image Warping
  • Transformations
    • 2D transformations
    • 3D transformations (including rotations)
    • Matrix stacks and hierarchies of coordinate systems
  • Viewing
    • Projection matrices
    • Camera transforms
  • Visibility
    • Painter's Algorithm / BSP trees (only the concepts)
    • Z-Buffers
  • Curves
    • Parameterizations, arc-length parameterizations
    • Continuity conditions
    • Cubic Polynomials / cubic segments
    • Catmull-Rom splines
    • Bezier splines

While I hate to advertise it (since it makes it harder for me to re-use questions), the old exams from previous years are on the web. We've covered a slightly different set of material, but they can be good for getting an idea of what kinds of exams we give in this class. Also, beware that some of these old exams were notoriously hard (there were exams where the mean and median were around 60).

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