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Here are some example programs to refer to. You are welcome to use pieces of them for your own assignments and/or projects, providing you remember the rules on proper attribution!

Examples from the Tutorials

Examples from the OpenGL Survival Guide

3D User Interface Examples: CubeIt

CubeIt1 provides the very most basic interface. A set of sliders is used to control the camera parameters and the cube position. Clicking the left mouse button cycles through the cubes.
Cubeit2 uses a technique called "ArcBall " to control the viewpoint. The right mouse button is used to move the viewpoint. This is a simplified version of the arcball and can be a little bit hard to control. However, it provides a fast way to look around the world.
CubeIt3 adds a better interface for moving the cubes. A cube is selected by clicking on it with the left mouse button. Cubes can be dragged with the left mouse button. Normally, dragging happens in the XZ plane (the height of the cube stays the same, but it follows the mouse around). If you hold down the control key, the movement of the cube will be in the XY or YZ plane, so it will move up and down to follow the mouse movement.
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