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July 10,2007
fake announcement

This is a fake announcement

December 20,2006
Final Exam, Project 3 Grades, and Final Grades

We have graded everything, and assigned final grades. A TA will send you email with the final grades. If you have questions, would like to find out the details of why your grade is what it is, want to see you P3 grade sheet or exam, ... please contact the professor.

The key for the exam is poster: pub:559Final-2006-key.pdf. The mean/median was 69.5/71. Few grades are close to the borderlines.

December 18,2006
Grades and Homework Assignments

Yu-Chi have sent out the e-mail related to your grades except the final and P3 to your CS e-mail account. He also put a file called TillNow.txt in you grade directory. Check it out. If you have any question or problem. Sent e-mail to Yu-Chi

December 17,2006
Key for HW6 and HW7

They keys for HW6 and HW7 have been posted. You can find them here and here respectively

December 17,2006
Grades and Homework Assignments

I had thought that by last week, the solutions to all of the homeworks were posted and that before Tuesday of last week you would have gotten an email telling you what we had for your grades for (except for P3 and the final, obviously).

But, I never checked to make sure these things really got done. I had delegated the tasks and should have done a better job of managing the people who were supposed to do them. I apologize.

I just found out about this, and will try to make sure that the grades are returned and the solutions posted ASAP.

December 16,2006
Final Exam Questions

Some questions for the final exam are here:
Note: only some of the questions on this list will be on the exam.

December 12,2006
Details about the Final Exam

The final exam will be at 12:25pm on December 20th (Wednesday) at 12:25 pm.

Some notes on the final are here, including a list of topics.

The exam will be cummulative.

As promised in class, you will be allowed to bring a single page of notes to the exam. One 8 1/2 by 11 sheet, one side. You must turn this page in with your exam (you can copy it beforehand).

Closer to the exam (probably Friday after the project demos or Saturday morning), I will give some details on some of the questions. I haven't decided what the mechanics will be: whether you will be allowed to bring a page with the answers or not.

December 11,2006

We will do evaluations in class tomorrow, December 12th.

As I mentioned Thursday, in addition to the official evaluations, I'd like you to do an evaluation that answers more specific questions to help me figure out how to improve the class (and my teaching in general).

You don't need to fill it out in class - feel free to fill it out later, put it in an envelope (so its anonymous) and give it to me or the TA any time (preferably before the exam).

If you don't come to class, the form is here: pub:559-survey.pdf.

I really would appreciate it if everyone took the time to fill the survey out.

December 11,2006
P3 Late Policy Clarification

Just to clarify the previous posting:
Your project 3 is not late if you turn it in at the beginning of your demo time. But don't say "oh, I just need 5 more minutes and I'll be ready."

We will grade the functionality of your project at your demo.

You will be allowed to turn you documentation in later (up until 5pm on Friday). However, we cannot take projects later than this.

December 6,2006
Project 3 Demos and Late Policy

Because the end of the semester is coming so quickly, we are limited in when we can do project demos. Basically, we need to have them done before exams (e.g. by Friday, Dec 15).

Project Demos will be scheduled on Thursday the 14th and Friday the 15th.

Students who have not used their late pass yet can sign up for a demo slot now (the sheets are outside of 1345). All other students can sign up after 5pm on Friday the 8th.

Teams only need to sign up once, but both team members must come to the demo.

If you cannot make one of the official demo times, you must make arrangements before Tuesday the 19th.

Your project is due at your demo time. We will grade what we see at the demo. You cannot turn in the project later than this. A warning though: be careful about last minute changes. If you break something 5 minutes before your demo time, we'll be grading the broken thing (and yes, this happens more often than you'd think).

You may turn in your documentation (including gallery pictures) until 5pm on Friday, December 15th. (but it will be late) Having late documentation is not as bad as having a late project.

November 28,2006
The last Homework Assignment

Written Assignment 7 is now posted. Its the last one!

November 20,2006
Written Assignment 6

Written Assignment 6 has been posted here. But you probably saw it on the calendar and on the assignments page.

November 15,2006
The Grade of Midterm

Yu-Chi has created a file called Midterm.txt regarded to your midterm grade in the directory of ~cs559-1/handin/your_login/grade. If you would like to have a look of your midterm, you can see Yu-Chi or Mohammed during their office hour.

November 15,2006
Project 3 Has Been Announced

You might notice it in the NavBar on the right, or you can just click here.

Have Fun!

November 13,2006
Getting the Exams Back

I was hoping to get the exams grades done today, but there has been a hitch (some exams were graded incorrectly). It seems that people may have done even better than I had thought.

November 10,2006
679 next semester

If you're interested in taking 679 (games) next semester, note that it requires permission of the instructor. If you're in 559 now, you will get permission, but you need to ask. Info is at

Please tell others that you think might be interested.

November 10,2006
Exam Key

The exam has been graded. Before giving back the grades, I want to double check them before giving them back.

The key is pub:midterm-key.pdf. The mean and median was 59.5, if you scored above the mean you got an AB.

November 6,2006
Sign up for Project 2 Demo

Please sign up for a Project 2 Demo slot. The signup sheet is outside of the door(1346 CS).

We really don't want to schedule more slots because people forgot to sign up.

November 3,2006
Another change in office hours!

Mohamed's office hours for Monday will be moving from 10:00->11:00 to 11:00->12:00 starting next Monday. This change takes effect for the rest of the semester.

November 2,2006
Project 2 Due Date

Because we're a bit behind in lectures, I am going to extend the Project 2 due date slightly. But there is a catch...

We have not yet discussed lighting in class. But lighting is an (optional) part of the project. Therefore, I will give you a choice:

  • You may turn the project in by the original due date (9:30a, Nov 7th) and get the points for lighting for "free" (that is you get the lighting points whether or not you have working lighting).
  • You may move the deadline dates back by 3 days (e.g. the assignment is due at 9:30am, Friday Nov. and considered "very late" after Monday, Nov 13 at 9:30).

Note: assignments cannot be turned in after the demos begin. We expect to do demos starting Wednesday, November 15.

November 2,2006
After Hours Access

Several people have asked about what it would take to provide after hours access to the B240 lab. The Associate Char (Susan Horwitz) and building manager (Tom Rutlin) looked into this with campus security. It turns out that it would cost over $10,000 to do put the appropriate locks on the door (so students could have access). This makes it unlikely to happen.

October 31,2006
Help with Project 2

With the exam coming up, there hasn't been much time to talk about Project 2, and we didn't schedule a help session.

To make up for this, I will talk about Project 2 in class on Thursday, and hold an extra office hour on Thursday, Nov 2 from 4-5.

October 31,2006
Mistakes in the W4 answers

There was a mistake in the key for W4. (well, one that was pointed out to me - there might be others that I don't know about). My initial correction was wrong. This time, there is an explanation of the answer.

If something doesn't make sense, please ask.

October 30,2006
A Guide to the Midterm

Some notes on the midterm are here.

The exam is closed book and closed notes. You should not need a calculator.

October 30,2006
Project 1 is Graded

You will get email from the TAs in the next day or two with the results. People did well - the average is better than an AB!

Note: we are keeping the unrounded grades in the spreadsheet. So if your grade was 3.75, we'll use that in the average, rather than rounding things down. Only the final grade will be rounded.

October 30,2006
Written4 Solution

Is available here. In hindsight, this wasn't such a great homework.

October 30,2006
Problem with Question 2C on Homework W4

It turns out that Question 2C is too hard to do using what you already know from class. To solve it, you'd need to understand Tuesday's lecture. Sorry about that.

October 30,2006
Clarification on the Homework

I notice that there was an ambiguity on the Homework (W4, question 2) - it has been clarified on the assignment

October 26,2006
Two Errata in the Curves Chapter

You might want to fix these before you implement your project:

The caption of Figure 15.10 is incorrect (and the literal scaling of the little vectors that symbolize derivatives). The equations are correct, and the text is correct. (this error was introduced by the publisher at the last minute, it's not my fault)

The matrix on page 340 is upside down (e.g. the bottom row should be the top). Everywhere in the chapter, I use the convention that the u vector is [u^0 u^1 u^2 ... u^d]. Except here, so it should be fixed.

October 26,2006
Exam Topics

The midterm exam (Wednesday, Nov 1, 1221CS&S, 7:15pm) will include everything in the course up to and including today's lecture. So while Shirley 15.6 was assigned for today, it will not be on the exam.

While the focus of the exam will be the topics covered in class (so the LectureNotes may be a good resource), anything in the assigned readings is fair game. We will not ask you questions about FlTk, nor will we ask you details about OpenGL function calls.

Old exams are available on the web. Here's last year's answer key, although I should warn you that exam was too long and too hard.

October 25,2006
Written Assignment 4

Written Assignment 4 has been posted and is due at the beginning of the exam. To help you prepare for the exam, we will post an answer key this weekend, so if you want, you can just copy it. However, we strongly recommend that you try it yourself first. We will give full scores to any plausible answers (so if you get something wrong, you don't need to bother copying the answer from the key - but you do need to understand it).

October 24,2006
Exam time and place

The midterm exam is (still) on November 1st, at 7:15 pm. This date and time was given the first day of class - if someone had a problem with the time, they should have contacted us already.
The place for the exam will be 1221CS (the same room we have lectures in).

October 24,2006
Written Assignment 3

Yu-Chi have sent out an e-mail related to your grade in Written assignment 3 and the content in the e-mail is also in Writting3.txt in ~cs559-1/handin/your_login_name/grade.

You can get the graded hardcopy of your homework in the box in front of the CS5384

October 24,2006
Written Assignment 4 and Exam

As many of you noticed, written assignment 4 has not been posted yet. Because we're releasing late, we'll be accepting it late - you can turn it in before the exam without any late penalty. (We'll collect them at the beginning of them exam.)

The idea is to make the assignment be good practice for the exam.

October 22,2006
Office hour change for Mohamed this Monday (Oct. 23)

This Monday (Oct. 23rd), Mohamed's office hours will move to Monday 4:00-5:00 (instead of 10:00). This is only for this week. Next week office hours return back to 10:00.

October 20,2006
The B240 Lab

In an effort to make the B240 lab a better place, I've had a conversation with the building coordinator, and done some other things.

  • Cleaning services has cleaned up - the floor is less dusty, and the boards are washed too.
  • The temperature is warmer (and can be adjusted) - it was set to freezing, now it might actually be a bit warm.
  • There aren't any more tables, so spreading the machines out isn't too feasible. Its unclear that we can get rid of machines since the lab will get more use at the end of the semester, and a lot more use next semester (when other classes will use it too).

There are some of you that are reconfiguring monitors. While I'm not sure that this is illegal, make sure that you put stuff back the way you found it so the next person can use the computers. For the past 2 days, 2 computers were unusable because.

October 20,2006
Lecture Notes and Shadow Projection

Just a reminder that the Lecture Notes are online. In particular, the derivation of the shadow matrix that I went through so quickly in class is there - I redid it to make sure that it really was right.

October 19,2006
Key for Homework 3

Answer key for homework 3 has been added

October 16,2006
Project 2 and Project 1

Project 2 has been posted.

But... Don't forget to sign up for a Project 1 Demo time. If you cannot make one of the schedules slots, first try trading with another student. We will only make exceptions to the schedule for people who have good reasons, and who ask in advance.

October 16,2006
Written Homework Clarification (W3-Q1)

In question 1, I never explicitly said that things are in 3D (yes, the 3rd dimension matters) and that the plane of the table is X,Y (that you should see from the picture) and the up direction is Z.

October 13,2006
Please return Visual Studio CDs if you have them

If you have borrowed the Visual Studio CDs, and are done with the installation, please return the CDs to Mohamed. Remember that you don't need the CDs to use the program. Once installed, there is no need for the CDs.

Please keep in mind that we have a limited number of copies. If you keep the CDs, you are preventing other students from borrowing it.

You can return the CDs to Mohamed in CS5384, or if he is not there, please leave them in his mailbox on 5th floor, CS building.

October 12,2006
Sign up for Project 1 Demo

Please sign up for a Project 1 Demo slot. The signup sheet is outside of the door (1346 CS).

We really don't want to schedule more slots because people forgot to sign up.

October 12,2006
Key for Homework 2

Answer key for homework 2 has been added

October 11,2006
Program 3

Programming Assignment 3 has been announced.

October 10,2006
Materials on 3D Rotations

The book is weak on the topic of 3D rotations. Actually, I can't find any text that is very good. If you want to learn more about them, a bunch of readings was given In last semester's 777. The best one is the Game Developer magazine article, but the link is wrong (its on AFS). It is really P:\course\cs838-gleicher\public\AnimationResources\Papers\Quaternions

October 4,2006
Yu-Chi' Tuesday(10/10) office hour is moved to Monday(10/9) 1:00PM to 2:00PM in B240

Since the project will due tomorrow morning(10/10). Yu-Chi will move his office to 10/9, 1:00PM to 2:00PM at B240. If you have any question about Project1. Please come to B240.

October 4,2006
The grade for programming assignment 2

Yu-Chi has finished grading the program assignment 2. He sent out an e-mail regarding your grade and some comment. You can also see the same message in ~cs559/handin/your_login/grade/Programming2.txt

October 2,2006
Problem with the Web Site

There was some mistake with the website where there were 2 home pages. Announcements seemed to go to one or the other, but not both. This confusion should be fixed, but you might want to read over the announcements to make sure you didn't miss one.

September 30,2006
Project 1

Some example warps have been added to the project 1 webpage.

September 30,2006
Color Theory Applets

As mentioned in class, the Exploratory applets are a good way to get a visual understanding of the basics of color theory:

However, I was incorrect in saying these explained the HSV/HSB models. (they are good at explaining metamers and other more theoretical stuff).

For other good ways to look at colors, check out:

September 27,2006
Material used in help session is available now

Yu-Chi have set up the link to the material used in help session. If you go to Project 1 web page, you can find the links at the bottom of the page.

September 27,2006
Grade for PA0 and WA1

Yu-Chi have sent out an e-mail regarded to your grade in PA0 and WA1. You can also see the grade in grade directory in your own handin directory.

September 25,2006
Written Assignments

Written Assignment 2 has been posted (its due on 10/3).

The Answer key to assignment 1 has also been posted. Grades will be sent out by email in the next 2-3 days.

September 22,2006
Project 1 Help Session

Mohamed and Yu-Chi will hold the Project1 Help Session at 6:00PM ,09/27(Wed) in CS1221.

September 21,2006
New Announcement System

We have a new way to make announcements. You shouldn't notice too much of a difference, but its much easier for us.

18 September 2006

Project 1 has been announced. Programming Assignment 2 will give you a running head start on it.

18 September 2006

Turning in Program 1: it might be a little ambiguous, but you turn in program 1 into the "a1" (for assignment 1) directory, not "p1" (which is for project 1). The Policies page explains this.

17 September 2006

B240 Lab Hours:
The B240 (STORM) Lab hours should be 7am-1am, 7 days a week, except for university holidays.
The lab should be opened at 7am by the cleaning staff or campus security. In the even they didn't do their job, you can go to the CSL (2350 CS) if its during business hours, call campus security, or use the 302 Windows lab.

14 September 2006

In class, I suggested that an animated demonstration is the best way to learn about convolutions. Here are a few to check out:

10 September 2006

This is a first test of an annoucement.

Some things on the web site:

  • the first lecture notes are posted (generally, posting the notes won't warrant an announcement)
  • some of assignment/project dates have been changed

To keep this page from getting too long, the basic course information has been moved to BasicInfo

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