(A * indicates a recipient of the UW Computer Sciences Department's Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award.)

Name Advisor Year Current Affiliation Thesis
Peter Ohmann Liblit 2012 Xavier University Crash Scene Investigation: Instrumentation and Postmortem Analysis for Deployed Applications (pdf)
Tushar Sharma Reps 2017 Synopsys Abstract interpretation over bitvectors (abstract, PDF)
Venkatesh Srinivasan* Reps 2017 Google Synthesis of machine code: Algorithms and applications (abstract, PDF)
Matt Fredrikson* Jha 2015 CMU
William Harris Reps, Jha 2014 Georgia Tech. Secure programming via game-based synthesis (abstract, pdf)
Aditya Thakur* Reps 2014 University of California, Berkeley Symbolic abstraction: Algorithms and applications (abstract, pdf)
Evan Driscoll Reps 2013 GrammaTech, Inc. Checking Format Compatibility of Programs Using Automata (abstract, pdf)
Piramanayagam Arumuga Nainar Liblit 2012 Google Applications of Static Analysis and Program Structure in Statistical Debugging (pdf)
Cindy Rubio González Liblit 2012 UC Davis Finding Error-Propagation Bugs in Large Software Systems Using Static Analysis (pdf)
Tristan Ravitch Liblit 2012 Galois, Inc. Inferred Interface Glue: Supporting Language Interoperability with Static Analysis (pdf)
Junghee Lim* Reps 2011 GrammaTech, Inc. Transformer Specification Language: A System for Generating Analyzers and its Applications (abstract, pdf)
Anne Mulhern Fischer, Liblit 2010 University of Massachusetts–Lowell Polytypic Proving (pdf)
Nicholas Kidd Reps 2009 Google Madison Static Verification of Data-Consistency Properties (abstract, pdf)
Akash Lal* Reps 2009 Microsoft Research India Interprocedural Analysis and the Verification of Concurrent Programs (abstract, pdf)
William Benton Fischer 2008 Red Hat MRG Fast, Effective Program Analysis for Object-Level Parallelism (abstract, pdf)
Gogul Balakrishnan* Reps 2007 Google WYSINWYX: What You See Is Not What You eXecute (abstract, pdf)
Denis Gopan Reps 2007 GrammaTech, Inc. Program Analysis Techniques with Applications to Array Analysis and Library Summarization (abstract, pdf)
Alexey Loginov Reps 2006 GrammaTech, Inc. Refinement-Based Program Verification via Three-Valued-Logic Analysis (pdf)
Shai Rubin* Jha, Miller 2006 MSR Formal Models and Tools to Improve NIDS Accuracy
Suan Hsi Yong Horwitz 2004 GrammaTech, Inc. Runtime Monitoring of C Programs for Security and Correctness (pdf, ps)
Subramanya Sastry Smith, Bodik 2003 Techniques for Transparent Program Specialization In Dynamic Optimizers (pdf)
Raghavan Komondoor Horwitz 2003 Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore Automated duplicated-code detection and procedure extraction (pdf)
Glenn Ammons Bodik 2003 IBM Hawthorne Research Center Strauss: A specification miner (pdf, ps)
David Melski Reps 2002 GrammaTech, Inc. Interprocedural Path Profiling and the Interprocedural Express-Lane Transformation (ps, pdf)
Eric Schnarr Larus 2000 TomoTherapy, Inc. Applying Programming Language Implementation Techniques To Processor Simulation (pdf)
Zhichen Xu Miller, Reps 2000 Yahoo! Inc. Safety-Checking of Machine Code (pdf)
Trishul Chilimbi Larus 1999 Microsoft Research Cache-Conscious Data Structures - Design and Implementation. (ps)
Manuvir Das Reps 1998 EMC Partial Evaluation Using Dependence Graphs (ps)
Michael Siff Reps 1998 Sarah Lawrence College Techniques for Software Renovation (ps)
Satish Chandra* Larus 1997 Samsung Electronics Software Techniques for Customizable Distributed Shared Memory
Steve Kurlander Fischer 1996 Approaches to Interprocedural Register Allocation
Harish Patil Fischer 1996 Compaq's Alpha Development Group Efficient Program Monitoring Techniques
Bradley Richards Larus 1996 University of Puget Sound Memory Systems for Parallel Programming. (ps)
Guhan Viswanathan Larus 1996 Oracle New Techniques for Compiling Data Parallel Languages
Thomas Ball Horwitz 1993 Microsoft Research The Use of Control-Flow and Control Dependence in Software Tools
Lorenz Huelsbergen Larus 1993 Lucent Technologies, Bell Labs Dynamic Language Parallelization.
G. Ramalingam Reps 1993 Microsoft Research India Bounded Incremental Computation (Dissertation published by Springer)
Todd A. Proebsting Fischer 1992 University of Arizona Code Generation Techniques
Phil Pfeiffer Reps 1991 East Tennessee State University Dependence-Based Representations for Programs with Reference Variables (ps)
David Binkley Reps 1991 Loyola College Multi-Procedure Program Integration (ps)
Wuu Yang Horwitz, Reps 1990 National Chiao-Tung University A New Algorithm for Semantics-Based Program Integration (ps)
G A Venkatesh Fischer 1989 A Framework for Specification and Implementation of Program Analysis Algorithms
William H. Winsborough Fischer 1988 Deceased Automatic, Transparent Parallelization of Logic Programs at Compile Time
Anil Pal Fischer 1986 Generating Execution Facilities for Integrated Programming Environments
Gregory F. Johnson Fischer 1983 Context Sensitive Attribute Flow
Jon Mauney Fischer 1983 Deceased Least-cost Syntactic Error Correction Using Extended Right Context
Vimal Begwami Fischer 1982 A New Approach for Attribute Evaluation and Error Correction in Compilers
Mahadevan Ganapathi Fischer 1980 Retargetable Code Generation and Optimization Using Attribute Grammars
Bernard A. Dion Fischer 1978 Locally Least-Cost Error Correctors for Context-Free and Context-Sensitive Parsers
Stephen K. Skedzielewski Fischer 1978 Intel Definition and Use of Attribute Reevaluation in Attributed Grammars
Donn R. Milton Fischer 1977 Syntactic Specification and Analysis with Attributed Grammars
Bruce R. Rowland Fischer 1977 Semantic Attribute Evaluation During Syntactic Analysis


Name Year Current Affiliation
Anders Møller 2010 Aarhus University, Denmark
Xin Li 2010 Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Neil Immerman 2004–05 Univ. of Massachusetts
Bertrand Jeannet 2003 INRIA, Grenoble, France
Stefan Schwoon 2003 LSV, CNRS, and ENS de Cachan, France
Mooly Sagiv 1994–95 Tel-Aviv University, Israel
Jiazhen Cai 1990–91 NYU
Robert Paige 1990–91 NYU
Jan Prins 1986–87 University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC


Name Year Current Affiliation
Thomas Bricker Morgridge Institute for Research, University of Wisconsin
Rich Joiner 2012– University of Wisconsin
Geneviève Rosay 1990–99 GrammaTech, Inc. (retired)
Emma Turetsky 2014– University of Wisconsin