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The ADvanced Systems Laboratory (ADSL)

Andrea and Remzi Arpaci-Dusseau have been professors at Wisconsin since January 2000. In that time, we have published numerous papers at various prestigious conferences (including many best-paper awards [ccfs] [iosnap] [evolution] [ibench] [david] [membrane] [envyfs] [impressions] [corruption] [dgraid]) and have graduated 20 with PhDs and others with Masters. Two of those students have won departmental best-dissertation awards (Muthian Sivathanu and Haryadi Gunawi); Haryadi was runner-up for the ACM dissertation award; Vijay Chidambaram won the SIGOPS Dennis Ritchie Dissertation award for best dissertation in systems.

Our group is interested in developing new technology in file and storage systems, although we occasionally branch out into more general systems work in operating systems, virtual machines, and other related topics. Our current work is examining new topics in how datacenters should be constructed; see the WISDOM page for more details.

The best way to learn about what we do is to read our papers. For a complete list, please see this publications page. More recent ones are likely more reflective of our current thinking. Older ones can be embarrassing or, on occasion, refreshingly not that bad.